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Are you suffering from a

Sports Related Injury?

I don’t just treat symptoms. I treat why it originally started hurting.

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Are you suffering from a Sports Related Injury?

Maybe you have a recent sports injury or diagnosis that just isn’t getting any better?
Most sports people come and see me because they have an aching, swollen ankle or a tight, sore tendon.
These are common complaints that are often persistent , playing havoc with training regimes.

My aim is to keep you moving

My Biomechanical approach has been developed from a deep understanding of anatomy and how a limb should naturally move. My starting point is to work out what is normal movement for you, getting to the root of the problem of why and how you’re in pain. I work with a team of movement experts using Diagnostic Imaging, Functional Assessment and Surgical Advice to create your treatment journey. When treated quickly, recovery is fast. Getting you on track again with your training regime and playing your sports again, pain free.

Are you walking in pain?

I specialise in foot and ankle reconstruction to alleviate pain, and improve the overall function of your foot.

Maybe you’ve been told to rest or elevate your foot, but you’re still not feeling any better?
Painful foot problems are a fact of life for many people.
Most problems are extremely common and treatment is very routine.

I have listed some common complaints below.

are more common than people realise and can become problematic if left untreated. Physiotherapy can help in the early stages, but the only permanent solution is surgery.

can be treated quickly with surgery. Often this can be key hole surgery. Techniques I use include cartilage transplant (OATS),ankle realignment surgery (Osteotomy) and ankle replacement.

is usually due to a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. Almost always it can be treated successfully without the need for surgery or painful injections. Finding out why you have it is key ( it’s usually mechanical). Combining appropriate physiotherapy and a system called Shockwave Therapy in most cases works.

By looking at how you move and using new diagnostic imaging techniques ( UTC for example) I can usually pinpoint your tendon pathology. This is important because there are several reasons why tendons fail. Useful techniques include PRP ( blood injections), High volume injections, Shockwave, loading programs and of course surgery when needed.

This is the most common tendon injury I see. My treatment structure promotes very early movement and loading of the tendon thereby minimising many of the complications of Achilles rupture. If surgery is needed then this is done rapidly through a tried and tested minimally invasive technique.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

When you come and see me you will also benefit from the expertise of a wide team. This includes world renowned musculoskeletal radiologists, sports physicians, physiotherapists and podiatrists. I work closely with 4  other foot and ankle surgeons  within the  Fortius clinic , which allows us to combine our expertise in complex cases. This approach ensures I provide the best treatment for you.

Surgical Expertise

Surgery sometimes is inevitable. If needed then you will want to make sure the treatment you receive is the best.
I only operate on foot and ankle problems. After completing 5 years of specialised orthopaedic training , I then completed another 2 years of foot and ankle training. I have been a consultant for 10 years. You can read more about me here.
You will want to know how other patients have recovered. In particular you will want to know how MY patients have done?
My outcomes are measured by you the patient. This is why when you book in you are asked to fill in a form about yourself and your problem . This will be repeated during and after treatment  so that  I can see and record how you are doing. My work is also scrutinised by my peers in monthly audit meeting.

Where I work

My practice is based at Fortius. This is the largest Orthopaedic group in Europe. I’m one of the founding members.
We have 2 clinics where I see most of my patients. We also have our own hospital on Bentinck street in W1. I also have a close relationship with the Cromwell and King Edward VII where I also both operate and see patients.